The lies about what is happening now in Spain

Hay que darle difusión internacional a esta carta en inglés de Eduardo Jordá:

* * *
My friends,
these days you´ll probably hear lots of lies about what is happening now in Catalonia (Spain).

Here is a list of three fake truths that have reached widespread popularity in some media. Don’t believe them. They are nothing but outrageous lies.

1. Catalonia is an oppressed community under Spanish dominion.
Not at all. There is no colonial dominion whatsoever on Catalan territory. The UN legislation about self-determination is not applicable to Catalonia. Catalonia is a free, rich and autonomous Community. Catalan GDP is far above the European average GDP and even more so compared to Spain's overall average GDP. Furthermore, Catalonia has its own Parliament, Government, Police, Healthcare Services and Education, all managed by Catalan politicians and civil servants. Interestingly, its politicians earn almost twice as much as holders of an equivalent cabinet-level position in the Spanish Government. Its police Force members, likewise, earn almost twice as much as their Spanish counterparts. Therefore, all political and economic grievances are FAKE.

2. There are widespread violations of liberties and civil rights
Not at all. Spanish Constitutional Chart follows the principles of the French Revolution which establish national sovereignty on the whole territory of Spain. In 1978, during Spanish Transition to Democracy, this Constitution was endorsed by 90% of Catalan voters in a public poll. Therefore, Spain as a whole has the ultimate right to approve or deny any change of frontiers inside its borders. According to its Constitution, any change concerning National Sovereignty must be approved beforehand by two thirds of Spanish Parliament and then endorsed by a Referendum Law involving ALL Spanish citizens. So far, the Catalan separatist government has ignored all these principles, therefore incurring in an obvious case of Rebellion. The only putsch against liberties and civil rights has been the Catalan Separatist Government's approval of a Referendum that is clearly illegal and antidemocratic.

3. Catalan language is under prosecution, the same as happened in Franco's time
Absolutely FALSE. Catalan language is the mandatory language used in all educational stages, from kindergarten to University. Catalan students hardly use any Spanish words during their 10 years of compulsory education. Besides, Catalonia has its own TV and Radio stations spoken only in Catalan. There are also many newspapers and magazines written only in Catalan. Claims of Catalan language prosecution are therefore blatant LIES.

If you want more information, please read this article written by young Spanish writer Daniel Gascón: “Spain, a postmodern coup”: http://www.letraslibres.com/espana-mexico/politica/catalonia-postmodern-coup

Thanks a lot. And excuse my angry tone. I´m really pissed off by idiots repeating lies concerning Catalan reality.

All the best,
Eduardo Jordá.